Where have Ben Finn Been? (Not to mention Mark…)

Written by: Ben Finn

Ben Finn is an Author trapped in an Employee's body. He is the co-author of the Kill Them Dead - Start of the Zombie Apocalypse series, as well as a few other stand-alone books you will find on this site. However, his musings and weird utterances do not always make sense. But hey he was told blogging would change his world so it is a Narcissistic exercise. Above all, he loves his wife and two boys.

August 23, 2022

So, it has been almost 10 years since we wrote Kill Them Dead.

Yes, almost.

And we had plans man.

World domination plans.

Millionaire writer’s plans.

Yes, those plans.

But things don’t always go according to plan. See we started our writing at the beginning of the indie-publishing revolution. Then we started chasing the money. Tried to write to the market. And in the process totally neglected what we really wanted to achieve.

And that was to tell awesome, fast-paced action stories.

Listen you are excused if none of this makes sense. It is the musings of an unknown author.

Many things happened over the past 10 years. Feels like a lifetime. Almost lost everything and Mark did lose big. Changed careers. Changed jobs. Lost jobs. Life man. Always life.

Still, our little books made sales. The other pen names also still make sales. Made me think. Time for a comeback and finish what we started?

Anyhow, part of this process is to provide you with more frequent musings. I would love for it to be daily so that I can “feel” being a proper writer again. But alas I am not the commitment type. Apart from the wife and kiddies.

Musing over.



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