World War Three: Are we moving closer than ever?

World War Three

Written by: Ben Finn

Ben Finn is an Author trapped in an Employee's body. He is the co-author of the Kill Them Dead - Start of the Zombie Apocalypse series, as well as a few other stand-alone books you will find on this site. However, his musings and weird utterances do not always make sense. But hey he was told blogging would change his world so it is a Narcissistic exercise. Above all, he loves his wife and two boys.

October 12, 2023

Perhaps a better question would be, are we closer than EVER to the Start of World War Three?

When I was a boy we lived through the cold war.

Lived through sporadic, unjustified, and cruel Wars all over the world.

And the Second World War was history, something we learned at school. Or something you listened to if you had a grandparent who lived through it.

But at all it was at arm’s length.

War was cruel, but it did not hit home unless you had someone who served.

Now, I always loved war stories.

The fiction part of war stories.

I have been fascinated by it since I can remember.

Also, why I wanted to start a new story universe that plays out in a World War Three Setting. (Check out my quick first short story here)

Today I am not so sure.

Because if I look past the fiction, the great stories, the events currently unfolding in front of our TV Screens, Social feeds, and everything in between, is real.




And real.

Now, I am not into any form of politics. Any form of sides.

And this is not what this musing is all about.

Hoever I must say, as a father and husband, my heart, prayers and thoughts go to all the parents, kids and innocent victims, who unnecessarily died, who are unnecessarily living in fear and desperation in Israel and Gaza.

I can’t begin to imagine what they are feeling.

And that goes for both sides.

There is innocence on both sides.

Also, my hope and anger (yes weird combination) is aimed at the leaders on both sides.

Hope they will see the errors of their ways and rectify things.

Anger that this happened. Regardless of history, regardless of who is “right”. You are adults.

And as the medic Eugene said in Band of Brothers.

“You ought to know better!”

We can only hope and pray this ends soon. With a resolution. Otherwise, we might truly be heading to World War Three.

Is World War Three around the corner?

Now, taking the horror of what we have been seeing to the one side and also not falling into conspiracy theory traps, could it actually happen?

Could we actually see and live through World War Three?

And would it be an actual full-blown global conflict?

I guess only time will tell. And although I have always loved war stories, I hope that this will not escalate any further.

That said, here are just some of my thoughts on this.

Will the Israel/Gaza conflict be the start of World War Three?

Personally, I don’t think so.

At least not at face value.

Regardless of how horrible the situation is, this has been a regional conflict for literally thousands of years.

And again, if we can muster the courage to see past the horrific images and perhaps not listen to everyone’s (especially the mainstream media’s) opinion on it all, we would see history just repeating itself.

That brings a question.

Are we this horrified because of the actual event? Or is it because with Social Media we now have a raw front seat?

I don’t have the answer. Just wondering.

Then again we might ask, but why not the Ukraine and Russia conflict? Why are we now asking the question about a regional, historical conflict, but not the same as what is happening in Europe?

Again a great question.

And in my humble geopolitical opinion a war that had more probability of escalating to World War Three.

The ultimate truth is we don’t really know.

But could both these wars not start World War Three?

Interesting question.

With Russia being a historical ally of Palestine and the West being historically aligned with Israel, it might be the secret ingredient for a worldwide conflict.

East against West.

With a whole lot of middle countries.

And that is where it will most probably play out

Yes in this hypothetical scenario, World War Three, will probably play out in the Middle East and central Europe.

Where the West and the East will meet.

Many countries will voice support for one or the other, without engaging in the War.

What about Nukes?

Well, we never know.

I would like to believe that humans are smarter than that.

I would also like to believe that humans are no longer capable of the horrific actions of the past few days.

And I would like to believe that we, collectively can get past whatever stupid disputes we have.

But, we don’t have a great track record, do we?

And so, the moment someone feels that World War Three is turning against them, they might be forced to nuke their enemy.

I am just a struggling writer.

What do I know?

And by the content above you might agree, very little.

That is perfectly ok.

That said, stay safe.

Pray to whoever you pray that this will end. That the suffering of innocent lives will end and that we can find a peaceful way forward.

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