As an author of a Zombie Apocalypse series, I am always asked by my thousands of fans how a Zombie Outbreak can actually start.


Perhaps I am not asked as often as I would hope.

And as for thousands of fans… well a writer can dream hey.

That said if you are a Zombie fan, You must have asked the question before.

How can a Zombie Outbreak realistically start? In General and in most pop culture, the one way is always through some sort of virus or bacteria. Other realistic options include a possible man-made intervention or injection. Lastly, but perhaps less realistic is the possibility of a supernatural event or alien infestation.

So grab your popcorn, zombie DVD collection, and books, and let’s look at each – realistic – zombie outbreak realistically.

Shall we?

Zombie Virus

The obvious one.

“It’s a virus man…

But in all honesty very probable.

Also the premise for our Book…shameless promotion I know. While I am at it read book 1 for free by clicking this link.

So a Virus with the possibility of changing human behavior and making people eat other people. If you look at current illnesses like Rabies, for example, the possibility might only be a few mutations away.

And we all are now so familiar with Mutations…moving on.

Add to it that this type of zombie outbreak is also mainstream in many current and older Zombie fiction and movies.

The question is always is how realistically can this happen in massive overpowering numbers. Now we tried to show this in Kill Them Dead Book 1 – The Sart of the Zombie Apocalypse (Shameless self-promo #2) and we believe that our angle is different.

Now a virus can be nature mutilation or mand made, which leads us to the next…

Zombie Man Made Outbreak

If I really put on my realism hat.

And walk in the other direction from Fiction.

I would say this might be the most probable option.

See, with technology, nano, scientific or biological, the probability to create a zombie-like creature is definitely there.

Whether governments would use it to infect a select few like a tactical team to gain more strength and zero compassion or, whether it is merely an experiment going wrong, the options are endless.

This is not an ANTI-or FOR VAX debate or suggestion, but realistically mass jabs can be used to distribute the zombie state biological weapon.

Last but not least there is always the possibility that a new narcotic can produce zombie-like tendencies. In fact, that is already prevalent in what is known as Flakka

The Supernatural Zombie Outbreak

This is one weird way the Zombie Outbreak can start.

So when we discuss the supernatural many people simply close their eyes or just walk away.

Both are good.

And absolutely your choice to do.

All of that good things said…if you believe in the Supernatural, evil spirits that surround us, then there is really every possibility of demons possessing humanity and transforming them into flesh-eating creatures.

Sounds too far-fetched?

Do we need a priest in the house for an exorcism?

Well if this possibility exists, then that would also be the cure.

But in the old days, a lot of unexplained human behaviors were blamed on demons. Although a lot of these are now explained as mental disorders, there still remain things no one can explain…like the next one.

The Alien Zombie Outbreak

Perpahs this one is a bit more palatable than static demons talking control of humans

Or perhaps it is the most far-fetched.

But with billions of planets and then an added probability of more advanced alien societies they can in theory create versions of biological weapons to start off the Zombie apocalypse.

They can be an alien virus – hint hint read Kill them Dead book 1 – shameless promo #3

To conclude, there might be a few more options. Realistic and probable? Perhaps.

At least from a Fiction writer stand point, the possibilities might be endless.

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