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Nothing beats reading a great Zombie story. And if you can read a Zombie story for free online, it is so much better!

We all love some free stuff, even if it is blood and gore.

Yup, the undead has captivated audiences for many years. From the slow Walking Dead heard to the fast-moving swarms in World War Z.

I don’t want to get side tracked, but those swarms were truly something special.



With all of this excitement the major question then is:


Can I read zombie stories for free online?


Yes, you can read zombie stories for free online. And there are a host of safe, legitimate websites and portals. From finding free books on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords to searching fan fiction, finding a good zombie story to for free is easier than you think. If reading is not your thing you can always download a free Audiobook from audible. Also, be sure to also check out project Gutenberg and grab the classic “Night of the Living Dead” for free. 

Of course there is another resource for reading Zombie stories for free.

And yes, I know this is super biased but this is my site, and I am the co-author of Kill Them Dead. 



So yes you can click the above link or simply start reading the book online right here:


Chapter 1 – Kill Them Dead Free online Zombie Fiction

Off course as mentioned there are a host of free resources to read some killer zombie fiction.


Read some zombie fiction on Amazon Kindle

Whether you believe Amazon is eventually going to take over the world or not, it is the best resource to find great free reads. With the Kindle Reading app now available on literally all devices you can be setup and reading in a matter of minutes.

Here is the current top 100 Free Post Apocalyptic Fiction 

You will find some serious gore and juice.


The Undead on Smashwords

Perhaps a bit more difficult to navigate than Amazon, but still if you want to read zombies, you will find some awesome free stuff on smashwords

Click here