We get it.

Long About us pages with unnecessary information is most probably dead.

As in killed dead…

Had to throw that in.

So here is the deal.

It is about a Zombie Apocalypse

So, in 2013 Marc and I (Ben) wrote Kill Them Dead.

Our take on the Zombie apocalypse. And this is the website that followed.

The book – or episodes are still there. Download it. Read it. We might be biased but it is fun.

So, a solid start to the what this page orginitated becuase of the title of our book “Kill Them Dead”

It is NOT about Killing Anyone Dead

Yes, we live in a snowflake world.

So to make this as clear as possible, it is the name of a our book title, featuring the most bad ass Zombies you will EVER read…(Some good old FREE promotion for good measure)

Now, if you are still with me…it brings us to the next thing…

What if…..

Since I (Ben Finn) still classify myself as an author, or at least a super curios human being with an eye for a story, this blog (and since I am super minimalistic and don’t want to spend money and time on another blog) has become my personal What If world.

It is simple, my musings. I throw it out there.

I am human, however, I really try to be objective and just consider scenarios….without creating a hit list…AGAIN the website name is the name of our Zombie book…

See, I love story and every what if is a story or at least holds the possibility of one.

So these are simply the thoughts of midlife who once wrote a Zombie Book, I am sure the words will end up in the great abyss that is the internet.

Thats all folks

Ben Finn